About this Site

An Explanation

This is Adapting Resources, which is a sister site to adaptiveeducations.com. I am using it as a digital ledger book as I don’t always have the time to write out long, drawn out posts. However, I can still keep track of some activities completed here in a quick note form. I will be including photography of resources from time to time that might prove useful to others as well.

  • Science Textbook
    Study of animals and ecosystems. 7/28/21
  • Houghton Mifflin Factoring Review
    Factoring review with Houghton Mifflin handouts. Review on what are factors of a number. Multiplication. And the common ground and greatest common factor of two numbers. 7/27/21
  • Spelling Textbook
    We used our spelling book to go over our new spelling words—spelling words were copied. Later in the day the spelling words were handwritten with recall (as I called them … Continue reading Spelling Textbook
  • Spelling Workbook
    worked on spelling workbooks (spectrum workbooks) and used those spelling words for our spelling words of the day. Used the same spelling words in our spelling sentences. 7/21/21 SPELLING, ENGLISH
  • Fractions
    Fraction work with Houghton Mifflin On Core Workbook. I love the style of this workbook. It comes with a teacher’s manual and represents an easy to follow way to learn … Continue reading Fractions
  • English textbook
    Subjects included: 7/13/21 Using proper verb tenses with past, present, future….