Money, Time and Fractions workbook

Subjects worked on: Money, Time and Fractions

Supplemental materials include visuals on the whiteboard such as magnetic clocks to show the intervals of time (also between two points in time). Other visuals used are magnetic fraction pieces for the whiteboard and plastic fraction pieces to solve fraction problems. For time, a Montessori clock is used as a visual alongside the workbooks. Adding a few pictures of materials used—though missing quite a few….I will post those later as we use the material often.

The above time game and clock may be used together as they are the exact same face and make it easy to understand telling time.

The above materials are great to use for fractions. The calculator makes it easy for younger children to solve fraction problems and check their work. There are magnetic fractions for those who have magnetic whiteboards…..the plastic pieces are great for problem solving and understanding converting fractions. I like these workbooks also as they are plain and come in many levels.

Though the Montessori clock is not pictured here there are a few ideas listed. The magnetic clocks are fantastic and the floor mat is fun for playing games and learning time and the same time. I also recommend using an echo wall clock (if you have an Alexa device in your house). Using the timer is a great feature to help teach time also.